The team has largely defined 3 phases as the go to market. Phase 1 is what exists today, a utility token $DTN, created to speed up the bootstrap process and completed phase 2 - UI.

Phase 2, on platform launch, participation takes place by responding to questions in the form of polls.

The longer-term aim is to better understand your opinion and your view of the world today, past decades, generations, and future.

Phase 3 is the pivot to a real-world business and where the crypto version parts ways to, serving other real world businesses wanting to make use of the poll engine.

Revenue will be achieved though licensing the poll engine to businesses. Flexible licensing options will be crafted to maximise value attraction from said businesses.

FOMO will ensue between businesses as natural competition will come about wanting to use the platform. Initial customers - those that want to test an idea or understand their audience better, perhaps for using an existing product.

We intend to allocate at % of the revenue back into the Game-Fi token to provide ongoing value to our community and as a test to withstand a bear market.

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