With the utility token $DTN in phase 1 on the BSC network , a planned migration will take place, prior to the launch of the platform.

📍CA – TBA (Solana)

📍Max supply - 1 000 000 000

📍Circulating supply - 70%

📍Reserved for private sale, airdrops, ecosystem, and team - 30%

The platform and #gamefi token will be launched on an EVM chain, with Solana also being considered.

Long term holders of the utility token in will be incentivised further on release of the #gamefi token. (More info on this later).

The #gamefi token holders will stand a chance to partake and win in the daily distributions.

Yield can be earned through staking $DTN and paid in the native chains token.

Rewards can be earned through buying/holding the #gamefi token and paid in $DTN.

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