A #gamefi poll engine, to gather the opinions of everyday people and truly understand how they perceive the world.

The “poll engine” covers a vast set of questions, covering the narratives that gave birth to the idea.

Questions are separated into baskets, such as health, finance, society, politics, education, sports etc.

With no concern of your account being censored, deleted or shadow banned for not adhering to the “community guidelines”, or those fact checkers wanting to force a particular narrative.

FOMO will ensue through GameFi at the core of the poll engine.

Phase 2, on platform launch (Q2-2024), participation takes place by responding to questions in the form of polls.

The DATANOMIKA team values privacy, and the right to freedom and association, with the polls conducted anonymously. Participants will have the option to share their response publicly or just view what others have answered.

Questions or statements are made and for which there is only your opinion. Participants respond to what they feel is the most applicable or appropriate to them.

Utility will arise through through posting your opinions and receiving airdrops for doing so. Yield and token rewards can also be earned in addition to the daily prize distribution to all token holders.

Pivoting the platform to a real-world SaaS business is the goal. However, the hypothesis thereof must be proven first.

Having earned, gifted, or won a governance token, is the community's opportunity to join the business employee stock option plan, and will represent the equity owned.

Initial customers -- anyone that want to gather a better understanding of their current or future client base. Be that to test an idea, potential market acceptance or require feedback on an existing product offering.

We intend to invest parts of the revenue generated into the Game-Fi tokens and to continue value creation for our token holders, ultimately becoming a test to withstand a bear market.

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