Four monthly snapshots will take place with the first on the first 30th day of the month following the token launch. The purpose for the snapshots is to reward the community for their on-going participation, social interactions etc. A limited percentage of tokens will be given away through random airdrops at the time of the snapshot taking place.

Token holders that hold their buy position for longer than 28-days between snapshots will be further incentivised by way of multipliers on launch of the Game-Fi token. The earlier you ape into the token and the longer you hold on without selling, the higher the multiplier you will receive.

A limited number of governance tokens can be earned in the same way as the random airdrops. Unlike other crypto projects governance tokens, the DATANOMIKA governance token will be a representation of equity in the real-world business.

This equity forms part of the Employee Stock Options Plan (ESOP) and totals 10% of the equity in the business. Those who owns governance tokens will have the option to:

a.) become a shareholder (KYC is inevitable);

b.) transfer it to another person, as a one-time opportunity;

c.) provide the team the opportunity to buy back the equity.

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